Turn The Beat Around: Music In The Workplace

music in the workplaceEver notice all the music around you?
It’s played in grocery stores, restaurants, elevators, doctors’ offices, nail salons, car dealerships, gas stations (yes, while you are pumping gas), business offices and even the parking lots!
Is music in the workplace appropriate? You bet it is.
Does music boost employee morale? Yes to that one too.
Music plays a positive role in most of our lives personally and professionally.
Music acts as an important component in building a customer service culture in the workplace.

  • It improves alertness
  • Creates team interaction
  • Increases employee morale – break out in song once in a while and see what happens!
  • Stimulates productivity
  • Music makes us happy! (We love happy)
  • and the beat goes on

Your favorite music automatically puts you in a good mood. And most importantly, an employee’s good mood means a happy customer!
Sending a greeting card in the mail to your customers also puts them in a good mood!
Back in the corporate days on my way to work, I would pop in a CD and listen to, “We Are the Champions”  by Queen for quick motivation.  Don’t know why this song had the impact it did, but it helped me motivate my team for sales contests at work. (Really, crank it up and see!)
If you know you have a tough day ahead, try listening to some of your favorite songs before you get to work or right before an event. Seriously, this works.
We recently attended a workshop and observed our speaker putting on a headset just prior to starting the event.  Watching as she moved to an unpopulated area, we instantly knew she was listening to a song(s) that moved her mind and soul into the motivation and energy she needed for a long day ahead.  Wow, the impact and power of music. By the way, it was by far one of the most informative workshops we have ever attended.
We are big believers that starting off your day with music can set the tone for the entire day.  We would be remiss if we didn’t make a comment of how it has its place at home too.  Being Motown gals, Aretha and Smokey continue to be our constant motivator for some serious house cleaning!

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