Personalized Greeting Cards for Customers: The Essentials

Even in this day and age of social media and e-cards, nothing can equal the warm fuzzies brought on by the sight of personalized greeting cards in the mailbox.

As such, the effort from business owners to send their customers a “Happy Holidays” card can go a long way. writer Drew Hendricks offers a few reminders on this gesture, including:


Don’t make a sales pitch. Holiday cards are one of the only chances your business has to do something that isn’t focused on making a sale. When sending cards out, don’t overstep your boundaries. While you want to make sure your name and business are clearly visible, that should be it. The rest of the card should make no mention of your business and should simply be a holiday greeting.

While this move is essentially a form of marketing, business owners should keep in mind that their intended recipients should feel special upon receipt of the card. Throwing in even a subtle sales pitch in there is defeating the purpose, so at all costs, they should leave the sales pitch at the door. Something to help customers feel special is for entrepreneurs to add a personal touch to their cards. Here are critical pointers for personalized business greeting cards for customers:
Keep it professional
A card displaying a photo of employees in full-on Christmas garb (like those famous sweaters in Bridget Jones’ Diary) may seem like a cute idea, but business owners should still keep things professional. After all, they do have a brand and image to protect. As such, it’s recommended they keep things business-like and choose a card depicting a photo of traditional and beloved Christmas scenes like a snowman or a cabin covered in snow.
Be creative with the message
It’s fine to go with a generic message like “Happy Holidays,” but again, it’s always better to go the extra mile and have a message that shows creativity and passion. While this isn’t easy, choosing experienced greeting card designers for the corporate setting like Client Retention will help you convey the best customized holiday messages.
Go crazy with the packaging
Keep in mind that customers are likely to receive piles and piles of cards in their mail. Business owners can make theirs stand out by going for packaging that stands out, like brightly-colored or glittered envelopes.
Business owners can’t underestimate the power of sending corporate greeting cards to their customers. After all, a card in the mail is still more valuable than a mere e-card or tweet.
(Source: A Guide on What Not to Do When Sending Business Holiday Cards,, November 19, 2014)

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