Custom Thank You Cards for your business – Vendor Appreciation

For most business owners, more customers means more revenue. This is why they make the effort to impress their customers even more through promos and special offers. Entrepreneurs should remember that they have another partner for success – the vendors and suppliers that keep their business running. Since there is no special day dedicated to Vendor Appreciation, you can let them know you care with a personalized card sent through the mail a few times a year. Client Retention Inc. can customize thank you cards for your business, and help you with other on-going programs to stay in touch with your favorite customers and suppliers. Michael Hess gives an insight on these unsung heroes—the suppliers:

thank you cards for your business

Most companies don’t think of suppliers the same way they think of customers and employees — and even if they say they do, they rarely treat them that way. They treat suppliers as if they are lucky just to be graced with a purchase order. That’s very short-sighted and self-defeating.
Smart companies recognize that key suppliers are partners, very much in the same circle of importance as the other stakeholders. Thinking this way, and acting accordingly — being open, accessible and responsive, paying on time, letting suppliers make a fair living, and treating them as contributors to your success — can give you a major competitive edge.

Vendors are just important as customers. After all, where would a full-service moving company be without its provider of high-quality packing supplies or a pet salon without its source for pet grooming products? As such, sending custom business thank you cards is a great way for business owners to show their appreciation to their suppliers.
Of course, to enhance the lovely gesture further, business owners should prepare a well-thought-out thank you note. Here are a few tips to consider:
Go beyond the generic
Merely saying, “Thank you for your support” is not enough to make a genuine impact on the recipients. Instead, include how long the partnership has been or when it started, “Thank you for supplying us with our IT needs for 5 years.” This way, business owners not only get to express their gratitude, but they also add a personal touch to the message.
Be specific
Was there an occasion when a supplier went the extra mile? For instance, a vendor of wedding flowers had to drive through several feet of snow just to deliver what was needed to the venue. Mentioning something like this briefly will definitely delight the recipient.
Seek professional assistance
Entrepreneurs have good business sense, but not all of them have a knack for writing. In this case, it’s good to enlist the help of pro professional greeting card providers like Client Retention.
To build customer loyalty, many business owners mail thank you for your business cards to their customers. Still, when all things are considered, they should show their appreciation to their vendors or suppliers as well. The trick here is to craft a message that’s not just sincere, but resonates with them too.
(Source: Have You Hugged Your Supplier Today?,, September 26, 2011)

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