Customized Thank You Cards Open the Door for Better Business Relationships

How powerful is a simple “Thank you”?

More powerful than you might have thought. A recent study by University of New South Wales in Australia psychology professor Lisa Williams, and Gonzaga University assistant psychology professor Monica Bartlett showed that expressing gratitude to someone could encourage that person to help you with your needs. When you are in business for yourself, setting yourself apart in a personal way usually opens the door for better business relationships.
As the authors say in their paper’s abstract: “In line with the proposed find function of gratitude expressions, recipients of expressions of gratitude were more likely to extend the effort to continue the relationship with the novel peer by providing that peer with a means to contact them.”

Simply said, by saying ‘thank you’ to someone, you are opening the door for future interaction, as the recipient becomes more open to providing you with the means for future contact, such as by giving their email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
In the business context, this translates to lead generation, and the strengthening of bonds between you and your existing customers, suppliers, employees, and others who are important to your business.
Anytime is always a good time to say thank you to these people and companies, but never forget to do it on special occasions when the act of giving takes on a special meaning, such as during the holidays. It is not easy nor practical, of course, to personally call or visit them all, but personalized corporate thank you cards can do the job for you.
Rely on your databank for the names, addresses, and contact information of your business contacts. This means making sure all the information is accurate and updated, something which you need to do all year round.
It is advisable to send at least two ‘thank you’ cards to every recipient on your database each year. Admittedly, the volume could be too much for you and your staff to handle; plus, there is also the business of remembering to send these notes out on time.
To ensure the job is done properly and with the least disruption on your business operations, consider getting the services of companies who specialize in corporate greeting cards, like Client Retention. These professionals will handle the details of the job, including hand-signing the cards, and mailing them using a local postmark, on the schedule you specify.
While you may outsource the job, however, never overlook personalization. Greeting card professionals can help you in this, as well, with a wide variety of card designs to choose from, including customized ‘thank you for your business’ cards. They can also help you come up with a personalized message, and provide other customization options that will help convey your appreciation with sincerity and warmth.
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(Source: WHY YOU SHOULD SAY THANK YOU MORE OFTEN, Fast Company, December 17, 2014)

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