Business Greeting Card Catalog

greeting card catalog for business

Business Greeting Card Catalog

There are all types of business greeting cards you or your company can mail. It’s classy and just plain good business etiquette.
Create an incredible experience for your clients and customers by mailing them a thank you or customer appreciation card.  A tried and true effective way to build customer loyalty, repeat business, referrals and create long lasting and profitable relationships. You and your company will be remembered in a positive way which most times gives you the advantage over your our business greeting card catalog
Why does this work? Because a card received in the mail from you will make your clients and customers feel important and appreciated. It’s one of those “feel good” moments that earns you some serious credibility and positive word of mouth sharing.
Struggling with your marketing plan? Use greeting cards to directly connect and help retain your client and customer base. You can even use mailed greeting cards to stay on your prospects radar. Not excited about cold calling? Mail a greeting card first to pave the way. It just might make it through the gate-keeper too.
Here’s some statistics about receiving a greeting card in the mail:

  • 99% open rate
  • 88% of recipients feel more valued
  • 98% are more likely to give referrals when they receive a thank you card

Your customers are the heart and soul of your business. Treat them well.  Send them a sincere, tangible, customer appreciation card about 4 times a year. They’re worth it. You’ll be dazzled by the positive feedback you receive and the added repeat business.
Here’s More Opportunities to Mail a Business Greeting Card:

  • Birthday
  • Employee Recognition
  • Holiday (even the zany ones!)
  • Real Estate and Mortgage Follow Up
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Invitations
  • Seminars, Events and Tradeshows
  • Follow Up

Client Retention can help you with your mailings. In fact we can do it all for you . . . right down to putting them in the mail. That’s what we do. Visit our card catalog to get some good ideas. You will find our card selection uniquely different from any other greeting card company. We have sample messages so you don’t have to agonize over what to say.   We’re here to support you!

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