Why Corporate Greeting Cards?

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Why should you send Corporate Greeting Cards?

Do something that is extraordinary, something that will get you remembered, and something that is a real attention getter. Go beyond your clients and customers expectations.

From a business standpoint, have you thought about how much power there is in a greeting card?  You already know the positive and good feeling impact it has on you when you receive a card at home in the mail. Why not do the same for your customers and clients?
shop our greeting card catalogDoes this sound familiar? Do you purchase thank you cards and then keep them tucked away in your desk drawer?
If you are like most, the intention is to get them mailed, but it just doesn’t happen. Maybe you don’t have a supply of cards on hand. If that’s the case, we invite you to visit our greeting card catalog of over 250 cards and sample verses. 

Greeting Cards As A Marketing Tool?  Of Course.

If you want to build customer loyalty, receive repeat business and referrals (that you work so hard to get), it’s all about being remembered and making your existing customers feel important.
We all know it costs a lot more money, more time, and a lot harder to get a new customer than it is to keep one, once they’re yours.  This means it’s time to get creative in how we market our products and services to continually grow our business.
Using corporate greeting cards to communicate with your clients and customers is a prominent and classy way of marketing to build your business.

A Sampling of How Corporate Greeting Cards Can Be Used:

  • Acknowledge a referral you received
  • Welcome a new customer
  • Show your on-going appreciation for your clients’ and customers’ business
  • Just say “Thank You”
  • Target a special audience to promote a “special”
  • Remember their birthday
  • Mail out a Holiday card – even a zany holiday card such as “National Peanut Brittle Day” or “World Laughter Day!”
  • Keep in touch with prospects you meet at different business functions like Chamber Mixers, Networking groups, Rotary, etc.
  • Employee Recognition
  • The list goes on and on . . .

The real impact here is that you are remembering your clients, customers and prospects. With consistent greeting card contact, this will be reciprocated with repeat business and referrals.
Client Retention can help make this all happen. Check out our card catalog for some unique and personal cards that are sure to fit your personality. Mailing corporate greeting cards to your clients and customers for you is our business.  That’s what we do.  

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