Mail Customized Greeting Cards

mail customized greeting and thank you cards for clients

Mail Customized Greeting Cards

Communicating with your clients and customers on a consistent basis is key to building customer loyalty. This ultimately relates to business growth, adding to your bottom line.
Mailing customized greeting cards to all your clients, customers and/or prospects at least four (4) times a year is critical to gaining repeat business and referrals.  You already know who they are . . . why not stay connected on a regular basis and let them market for you? How about this, a 99% open rate!
Here’s Why Mailing Customized Greeting Cards Workshop our greeting cards
Let’s say you use a heating and air conditioning company from time to time. If all goes well at your home or business, you probably don’t need their services on a regular basis, so there is no real loyalty on your part to use them when needed. In fact you may even forget their business name because of your infrequency to need their business, right?
Now, what if this same heating and air conditioning company sent you four (4) cards on  an annual basis. Cards like:

  1. A holiday card
  2. A “thank you for your business” card
  3. A birthday card
  4. A general “keeping in touch” card

Would you feel important and appreciated? Would you use their service again? Would you refer them to your family, friends or other businesses?  Bottom line: Would you remember them?
Incorporate Client Retention’s customized greeting cards in your annual marketing plan. It’s cost effective and your clients and customers will love their cards and feel connected to you.
Would the approximate annual marketing cost of $10 a year be worth the investment for the heating and air conditioning company? YES, a thousand times YES!  What better way to market your products and services than to your existing clients and customers?
That’s where the loyalty building, repeat business, referrals and on-going relationship comes into play. That’s the impact of mailing customized greeting cards.
At Client Retention, we know what works best to retain every client and customer. It’s called “connecting on a regular basis.”  We provide unique, personalized and customized greeting cards for a variety of business types.  We mail to your clients, customers, prospects, patients, buyers, sellers, investors, etc.  It gets done.
Check out our card catalog as a start to implementing your greeting card marketing campaign. Pick out the cards you like and then contact us, we’ll take it from there. Guess what? You don’t have to agonize over the inside message. We’ll do that for you!
Client Retention provides the service, provides the product and works your customized greeting card marketing plan. We do it for you. It gets done. That’s what we do. 

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