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holiday card for client follow up

Client Follow Up Holiday Cards – Programs for Business Networking

There are tons of holiday cards in our catalogs … but we can only show you a few on this page, so here are just a few of our favorite holiday cards for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas that are perfect to send to clients, customers, prospects, or employees!
Greeting Card Ordering Information: Minimum Order:¬†50 greeting cards with colored envelopes. Shipping and Handling Charges Apply. Please Allow 2-3 Weeks for Delivery. Contact Us at [email protected] for an additional selection,¬†personalized mailing programs or¬†Holiday Card Customization.

Miscellaneous Holidays (Printed)
Red Hots – VD101V
Cafe Amour – VD102V
Green Socks – SP101V
Colored Eggs – EA101V
All Ears – EA102V
Sammy – J4101V
Flag Fireworks – J4102V

Miscellaneous Holidays (Blank)
Red Hots – VD101
Cafe Amour – VD102
Green Socks – SP101
Colored Eggs – EA101
All Ears – EA102
Sammy – J4101
Flag Fireworks – J4102

Thanksgiving and Christmas (Printed)
Autumn Feast – TG101V
Grace – TG102V
Santa’s Island – CM101V
Home for the Holidays – CM102V

Thanksgiving and Christmas (Blank)
Autumn Feast – TG101
Grace – TG102
Santa’s Island – CM101
Home for the Holidays – CM102

Valentines Day Card - Red Hots - VD101
Valentines Day Card - Cafe Amour - VD102
St. Patricks Day Card - Clovers - SP101
St. Patricks Day Card - Green Socks - SP102
Easter Card - Colored Eggs - EA101
Easter Card - All Ears - EA102
Fourth Of July Card - Sammy - J4101
Fourth Of July Card - Flag Fireworks - J4102
Thanksgiving Card - Autumn Feast - TG101
Thanksgiving Card - Grace - TG102
Christmas Card - Santa's Island - CM101
Christmas Card - Home for the Holidays - CM102

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