Personalized Greeting Cards – Send Client Thank You's

Personalized greeting cards thank your clients

Fun, funky and personalized greeting cards build customer relationships!

You don’t always need a reason to send a card. Sometimes you just want to say hello, I miss you, thank you, thinking of you or even have a great day! So it may not be a holiday or a special occasion, but hey… let’s face it, it is just fun to receive cards instead of junk mail and bills.
If you’re like us, when you check the mail and see a greeting card in a brightly colored envelope, you instantly revert back to being a little kid who is so excited that someone sent you mail.
Greeting Card Ordering Information: Minimum Order: 50 greeting cards with colored envelopes. Shipping and Handling Charges Apply. Please Allow 2-3 Weeks for Delivery. Contact Us at [email protected] for an additional selection, personalized mailing programs or Holiday Card Customization.

Miscellaneous (blank only)
Mountain Highway – MS101
Delivering Daily – MS102
Bad Day – MS103
Hole in One – MS104
Sliced Bread – MS105
Garden Party – MS106
Secrets – MS107
Desktop – MS108
Classy Purple – MS109
Lady in Red – MS110

Personalized Card - Mountain Highway - MS101 Personalized Card - Delivering Daily - MS102
Personalized Card - Bad - MS103Personalized Card - Hole in One - MS104
Personalized Card - Sliced Bread - MS105Personalized Card - Garden Party - MS106
Personalized Card - Secrets - MS107Personalized Card - Desktop - MS108
Personalized Card - Classy Purple - MS109Personalized Card - Lady in Red - MS110

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