Prospecting Cards for lead follow up

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Prospecting cards for lead follow up – Nurturing Business Relationships

Your prospects don’t buy when you want them to buy, they buy when they are ready to buy. Stay top of mind by courting and nurturing your prospects with unique greeting cards. It is critical to break through the clutter of their mailbox to convert them into a client or customer. A prospect needs to hear from you 5 – 28 times before they are ready to come on board with your business.

You need to stay in touch and stay top of mind. Sending your prospects greeting cards shows them you are thinking about them, shows them you care and makes them feel valued and important. Below you’ll find a few of our favorite cards to stay in contact with your prospects.  Select different cards and mail them routinely, or contact us about a customized mailing program where we take care of getting your cards in the mail.
Greeting Card Ordering Information: Minimum Order: 50 greeting cards with colored envelopes. Shipping and Handling Charges Apply. Please Allow 2-3 Weeks for Delivery. Contact Us at [email protected] for an additional selection, personalized mailing programs or Holiday Card Customization.

Prospect (Printed)
It’s Your Move – PR101V
New Help – PR102V
Looking Glass – PR103V
Pointing the Way – PR104V

Prospect (Blank)
It’s Your Move – PR101
New Help – PR102
Looking Glass – PR103
Pointing the Way – PR104

Lead follow up Prospect Card - It's Your Move - PR101
Lead follow up Prospecting Card - Looking Glass - PR103
Lead follow up Prospecting Card - New Help - PR102
Lead follow up Prospecting Card - Pointing the Way - PR104

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