Client Thank You Cards

client thank you cards

Remember your valued clients with unique Thank You cards.

Did you know that only 3% of the mail you receive from USPS is personal? That positively opens the door if you are ready to receive special recognition and kudos. However, only if you choose to take advantage of it. Why wouldn’t you?shop card catalog
Mailing thank you for your business cards shows good business etiquette, it’s classy and speaks volumes about your integrity. The recognition alone from your clients and customers will strongly reinforce why they choose to do business with you in the first place.

There is great popularity in custom client thank you cards especially when they are in a COLORED envelope with a REAL stamp! We could go a step further here too. More than likely that card is going to get opened before anything else because it stands out from the rest of the white impersonal envelopes filled with junk mail or bills. Right?

So, of the 3% of received mail that is personal, 99% gets opened. Why? Because it tells us that someone actually took the time and effort to mail us a card. Kind of like a pat on the back for a job well done. It just makes you feel special.

Now reverse that thought and think about how your clients and customers will feel when they receive a thank you card in the mail from you? From a business perspective, the 99% open rate is just too strong to pass up. Certainly a solid reason to include corporate thank you cards in your marketing plan.
It’s a known fact that we have to “touch” our clients and customers several times a year to keep the on-going connection needed to build loyalty, repeat business, referrals and a profitable relationship.
If you don’t have any custom business thank you cards hidden in any desk drawer and want to get  cards mailed out, Client Retention will support you. Weprovide “done for you” mailing programs that will satisfy your need to thank your clients and customers. If you just want cards on hand, we can help with that too. Call us at 916-771-5600 for all the details.
Mailing a thank you for your business card certainly satisfies that effort and is pleasing to your clients and customers. Client Retention will do all this for you. We make it happen. It gets done. That’s what we do.
When a Relationship Matters . . . Send a Card!

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