Corporate Thank You Cards

corporate thank you cards

Customized Corporate Thank You Cards build your business and recognize employees

Mailing a Thank You card can be a colossal experience for your clients and customers. It’s a real attention grabber and will help create on-going contact that’s needed to build customer loyalty, a true business relationship, possibly a new friendship and those longing referrals.
Mailing a Thank You card ranks #1 in business etiquette and credibility. Every chance possible, businesses of all entities and sizes should be aware of the impact a thank you card has on their own clients and customers. A greeting card touches people in a way that could not come from an email message or phone call.
There are a multitude of reasons to send a thank you card to your clients and customers.  Here’s just a few:
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  1. Your referral
  2. Your business
  3. Attending an event or seminar
  4. Meeting with you (prospective or current customer)
  5. Joining our team (employee recognition)

Don’t Forget About Your Employees

Acknowledging an employee’s performance using a thank you card mailed to their home, says a lot about how important your employees are to you and the Company. It also reinforces this message to the employees’ family showing them how much they are appreciated at work. Sending a Birthday Card to your employee at their home also builds loyalty and makes them feel special.

Keeping Thank You cards on hand ensures that you will be ready to mail a card right away when that special moment requires a personal thank you or acknowledgment.
We invite you to view our card catalog and look for some pleasingly unique thank you cards. The first thing you will notice is that our cards are not your everyday run-of-the-mill corporate thank you cards.  No blasé cards here! That’s what makes Client Retention so distinctive from any other greeting card company. Do you agonize over the message inside the card? We take care of that for you. Check out the sample wording on some of the cards from our catalog and you will see how it all ties in. It’s really incredibly genius.

Need Some Help Getting Your Card Mailed Out?

You can purchase our cards on-line or Client Retention will provide the mailing service for you.  This means you pick the cards, send us your client or customer list and we will do the rest. Yes, even drop them in the mailbox for you. It’s the best business service anywhere.
Call us at 916-771-5600 for our newest “Cards on Demand” service or other regular periodic mailing programs. All of these are “done for you.” We make it happen. It gets done. That’s what we do.

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