FAQ: Thank You Cards Mailing Service

thank you cards mailing service

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions To Assist You with Retaining Clients!

Client Retention provides greeting cards for businesses that can be customized to reflect the personality of your brand. Thank you cards are just one way to stay in front of your clients without a sales pitch. We have card mailing programs for holidays, birthdays, or just for fun! Contact Jodi or Sandie today, and send your clients a greeting card that will be remembered.

How does retaining an existing customer help grow my business?

It starts with impeccable customer service, then the follow up process takes over. Consistent interaction builds loyalty, repeat business and more referrals. This equates to business growth. Remember, your customers have a choice as to who they want to do business with. Continually, make it your company they come back to.

How do I keep customers coming back and increase repeat business?

Most times it is not about the product or service fulfillment your provide. It’s the connection you have with them on a personal basis. Your customers want to know that they made a good choice in bringing you their business.
Make them feel special, appreciated and important. Then continue that customer experience with a consistent follow up plan. That’s where you will be rewarded with loyalty, repeat business and their referrals.

What is involved in a client or customer follow up program?

Client Retention will work with you to customize and implement an effective follow up program to keep you in front of your customers and clients after the sale.
You provide a client mailing list and we do the entire fulfillment process for you!
We will then work the follow up plan for you! Our custom greeting card programs are proven to be a successful follow-up system that helps to grow your business.

I use social media marketing to stay in touch with my customers and prospects. Why should I also use thank you cards for follow up?

Using media tools such as blogs, ezines and newsletters are a great fill in between the customized card mailings.   An on-line newsletter only has a 20% – 40% open rate.  YIKES!  That means 60% – 80% of recipients hit their delete button while scrolling through emails.  Hmm. . . sound familiar?
It’s the personal connection that works and our cards have a 99% open rate.   Why?  We use colored envelopes, commemorative stamps and no labels on the envelopes.  How personal is that?!  Just like you sent it directly.
There is “power in the card” and the personal touch wins out every time. This is what will differentiate you from your competition. When you connect with your customers in a personal way, you will be remembered. After all, isn’t that what business is all about?

What is so special about your greeting cards?

Take a look around to get a look at some of the cards we provide. We tailor the message inside to match the front of the card. In addition, all cards are hand signed, mailed in a colored envelope with a commemorative stamp and your business card enclosed (optional). How personal is that?

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