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Companies hire Client Retention to send customer appreciation cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, etc. to their clients, patients, customers and prospects in an effort to build that on-going and needed business relationship.  Client Retention makes it happen.  It gets done.  We do it for you.

Business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs are using our effective “get-it-done-for-you” greeting card programs to follow up with clients and prospects.

greeting card programs
Following up, connecting and consistently keeping the communication going, are all essential components to building customer loyalty and RETAINING your customers “after the sale.”
You spend a lot of time and money marketing and bringing in new business. But in most cases, there is very little or no effort made to follow up and stay in touch after the sale. That’s where we come in. We will implement, fulfill and customize an affordable follow up greeting card program to keep you in front of your clients and customers after the sale.  How great is that!
We use business greeting cards in our marketing campaigns to connect you with your customers and clients.  Provide us with your mailing list and we do it for you!
We provide personalized corporate and business greeting cards. BUT, we go beyond that . . .CR_shopnow_button

We hand-sign, we stuff,

we seal, we stamp, we send. 

greeting card programs
Pampering your loyal customers can increase sales. As an entrepreneur and business owner, you know the value in retaining every customer.  Our unique and classy greeting cards are the key to providing that special connection needed to build a business relationship.
Want thank you cards mailed to your customers and clients, but just can’t come up with the right words or the time?  Here’s the best part . . . you don’t have to!  Client Retention has customized greeting cards with unique messages inside so all you have to do is pick one that suits you and we’ll make sure it gets mailed for you, on time, every time.
We have an incredible and large variety of corporate greeting cards to select from. Check out our business greeting card catalog and expect to be amazed.

When a Relationship Matters . . . Send a Card

Greeting cards show you care. They also make customers feel important and appreciated.   Check out our catalog for more!

greeting card programs

Show your continued appreciation by mailing a business greeting card every 1-3 months.  Will your customers remember you?  You bet they will!

This is where we can help you!  We are your resource if you want to purchase business greeting cards directly  and mail them yourself, OR use our popular business greeting card programs that are “done for you.”  That means we produce Customer Appreciation sphere mailing programs  that we consistently mail for you every 1-3 months.  How great is that?  

Keep Your Customers Coming Back to You With These Services and Programs!

    • Customer Appreciation
    • Birthday Cards
    • Cards on Demand 
    • Employee Recognition Program
    • Thank You Cards
    • Holiday Mailings
    • And lots more!

Our service is not internet based.  We turn business greeting cards into actual customer loyalty mailing programs.  It’s the good ol’ fashioned way of relationship building, connecting and thanking your customers for their business.
What’s so unique about that?  We do it for you, that way it gets done!  Using our programs, your customers will receive a card in the mail every 1-3 months on a consistent basis.  This keeps YOU on THEIR radar which equates to repeat business and referrals!
Remember your customers and they will remember you.  It’s that simple.
Unlike “the other guys,” we implement your follow up for you using our proven and effective mailing card programs.  We use a full 5″ x 7″ unique business greeting card, colored envelope with a commemorative stamp, hand sign your name and insert your business card!  You provide a client/customer mailing list which is kept completely confidential.  We take it from there!

Create Raving Fans

Loyal customers spend 68% more than a new customer.

    • If your customers feel like they are the best and most appreciated customer you have, they will not only be loyal, they will be phenomenal ambassadors for you.  Your effort will be very much appreciated that not only will they thank you for your business cards, your customers will also spread the good word about your thoughtfulness–that means repeat business and referrals!
    • If your customers feel neglected or unappreciated, you will lose your valued customers to the competition and it will cost you up to 9 times more to earn their business back.

We Are the Connection to your Retention!

Feeling “neglected and unappreciated” is the #1 reason businesses lose their customers.  A simple statistic to change. We’ll help you stay connected to your customers on a regular basis and help you build customer loyalty and retention.

You Need an Effective Follow Up Strategy

Why? Because we know that consistent interaction builds loyalty, repeat business, and more referrals. You’ve probably heard the phrase “it’s all about the follow up” and it is true!
The Client Retention business greeting card services are proven to be a successful follow-up system. By personalizing your message and card choice you are choosing to differentiate yourself from your competitors and stand out from the crowd.

Do Your Customers Remember You?

With the fast paced, somewhat impersonal world of social media marketing, the personal touch of in-hand communication wins out every time.
We understand that you must stand out in your clients’ and customers’ minds to be remembered, and being remembered is the first step toward building a relationship.
To build your relationships and strengthen customer loyalty, you must make your customers feel important and always show gratitude. Connecting with your clients and customers personally will keep your business relationships strong and your network growing.

Find Out More About Client Retention!

We are a privately owned greeting card company that operates on a simple premise.  That it’s a lot harder and a lot more costly to get a customer back once they’re gone, than it is to keep them once they’re yours.
When it comes to deciding who to do business with, your customers and prospects have many choices. Make working with you a clear and easy choice for your prospects and keep your customers coming back!

Contact us today for a free customer retention consultation.

We look forward to helping you enhance your communications, strengthen your follow up, and build long-lasting relationships with your network.

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