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Increase referrals – we help you implement a follow up greeting card program that is easy to manage.

Follow-up with your clients with one of our Business Greeting Card Programs.

  • Client Thank You Cards
  • Birthday Card Programs – we remember the date for you!
  • Referral reminders

Let Client Retention be your resource for mailing personalized business greeting cards to your customers and clients. Our personality-plus cards are like no other.  The unique cover of the card, when combined with the customized message inside, and arriving as a brightly colored envelope in their mail pile, keeps you top of mind with your customers and associates.

Say Thank You in a memorable way.

Choosing a greeting card from our catalog and make it personal. We customize the inside greeting to say whatever you want. It’s your card and your message.  Here’s the best part.  You don’t need to agonize over your custom greeting, we will help you with the wording or do it completely for you. If that’s not enough, we print your name, business name, telephone number, email address and website in each card.

Take a look at our card catalog and you’ll see the difference.

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Our Follow-up Programs and Services are Designed to Keep You in Front of Your Customers!

“Cards on Demand” Program

25 Cards for $72.00 includes tax, stamps and colored envelopes.

client retention greeting card programsNo Contracts and No Set Up Fee
Need to send a card to thank someone for a referral?  What about a customer appreciation card? Do you have stacks of blank cards in your desk or file cabinet waiting to be filled out, addressed and mailed?  Let’s face it, that job is tedious and most likely at the top of your “to do list”  but no time to do it.
Good News!  We’re Going To Do That Task For You!
Here’s how it works: Purchase a minimum of 25 of our personality-plus cards and we will complete the entire mailing process for you.  That means we will keep your inventory and mail your cards to your customers and contacts.  All of this on an as-needed basis when you want us to.
1.  Select a card from our on-line catalog –  colored envelopes included
2.  Contact us with your selection using the “message” field
3.  Prepay – 25 cards for $72.00 (includes tax and stamp!) Minimum of 25 cards required
4.  Send us an email on an as-needed basis when you want a card mailed.
Bonus:  We’ll hand sign your first name in blue ink on every card and if provided, we will insert your business card too!

Employee Recognition Program

Employees are the heart and soul of a business. It is through their efforts that a company exists and thrives. Acknowledging their efforts routinely creates a positive work environment that builds pride, productivity and revenue.

3 cards over a 1 year period . . . . . . . . . . $10.00/per employee

The cards consist of:

  • Birthday Card
  • Team Building Card
  • Holiday Card

Note: Employee recognition cards are mailed to the employee’s home!

Networking Sphere Greeting Card Programs

Connecting to prospects and potential customers on a regular basis is needed if you want to grow your business.
A Sphere Program can be mailings to your existing customers or to your prospects. Mass marketing is expensive and most times, ineffective. For a great return on your investment, focus your efforts by mailing customized greeting cards to your social circles, friends, family contacts, service providers, etc.
The Sphere Programs are used to keep a consistent connection between you and your existing or potential customers and clients. You provide the mailing list and we do the rest!
Note: Sphere program pricing starts as low as $1.61/per card, based on quantity and frequency of mailing. Contact us for a price list. 
birthday greeting card programs

Birthday Card Mailing Program

Many businesses have tried implementing a birthday card program for their clients and employees. But, after a short period (usually less than a year), keeping track of the birthdays and cards becomes tedious and unmanageable and the business ends up canceling the program.
What these businesses don’t realize is that Birthday recognition plans are highly effective programs. Working with Client Retention makes the entire process a piece of cake. We will track and mail birthday cards to every employee and/or client on time, every time for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. Contact us at [email protected] for a price list.

Grow your business with referrals

It makes no sense to spend your marketing dollars acquiring new customers if you are only replacing those you have lost. Create customer loyalty and invest in your existing customers. Your business will grow with repeat business and referrals. Our follow-up programs and services are tried and true.  It just works.

“Our goal at Disneyland is to always give the people more than they expect. As long as we keep surprising them, they’ll keep coming back. But if they stop coming, it will cost us ten times more to get them to come back.”  ~ Walt Disney

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