Send Business Thanksgiving Greeting Cards for less than you think

10th Annual Thanksgiving Greeting Card Special

Now is the time to order business greeting cards to send to your clients and associates. By ordering now, you can save twenty percent off our regular price for greeting cards customized and mailed for you to arrive before the holiday.

20% savings until October 7, 2018

$1.75 per customized card, completely ‘done-for-you’ and mailed on your behalf. Of course your client list is kept completely confidential.

3 Simple Steps to order your customized business Thanksgiving Greeting Cards:

Choose a card #


Choose a verse #


Reply back to us with your selection


Once we receive your email reply, we’ll immediately contact you to get some details. All cards are hand-signed with commemorative stamp and mailed out on time!

Review Cards and Verses below, or if it is easier, you can download the pdf here.
Want to send your customers a holiday card, but the whole card preparation thing is just way too much work? Client Retention makes it simple – we hand-sign, seal, stamp and send your holiday greeting cards out on time on your behalf!

Go to our contact form if you are ready to make your selections now.

Thanksgiving Card Selection Choices:

business thanksgiving greeting cards - card 1
Card 1

business thanksgiving greeting cards - card 2
Card 2

business thanksgiving greeting cards - card 3
Card 3

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 4
Card 4

business thanksgiving greeting cards
Card 5

business thanksgiving greeting cards
Card 6

business thanksgiving greeting cards - card 7
Card 7

business thanksgiving greeting cards
Card 8

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 9
Card 9

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 10
Card 10

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 11
Card 11

business thanksgiving greeting cards
Card 12

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 13
Card 13

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 14
Card 14

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 15
Caption 15

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 16
Card 16

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 17
Card 17

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 18
Card 18

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 19
Card 19

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 20
Card 20

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 21
Card 21

business thanksgiving greeting cards - card 22
Card 22

 Choose a Verse for inside your card: - card 23
Card 23

 Choose a Verse for inside your card - Card 24
Card 24

 Choose a Verse for inside your card:
Card 25

business thanksgiving greeting cards - card 26
Card 26

business thanksgiving greeting cards - card 27
Card 27

business thanksgiving greeting cards card 28
Card 28

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 29
Card 29

business thanksgiving greeting cards - card 30
Card 30


Choose a Thanksgiving Verse for inside your card:

1. May your Thanksgiving be filled with joy . . . a wonderful beginning to a special Holiday Season. Happy Thanksgiving!
2.  We are so thankful for your support, your friendship, and most of all . . .YOU!  Happy Thanksgiving!
3.  May the Holiday Season fill your home with joy, your heart with love, and your life with laughter. Happy Thanksgiving!
4. Whatever Your Preference . . . may you have a bountiful Thanksgiving, a happy Holiday Season and a healthy, prosperous New Year.  (Great with card #5 & 21)
5. Because the good will of those we (I) serve is the foundation of our (my) success, it’s a real pleasure at this holiday time to say “THANK YOU” as we (I) wish you happiness and success in the coming year. Happy Thanksgiving.
6.  Wishing you the happiness of good friends, the joy of a happy family, and the wonder of the Holiday Season. Happy Thanksgiving.
7.  Our (My) sincere appreciation for your confidence and loyalty. We are (I am) deeply thankful and extend to you . . . Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season. Happy Thanksgiving.
8.  As we (I) give thanks on this special day, we (I) hope many more blessings are coming your way! Happy Thanksgiving!
9. Thanksgiving is the holiday of peace, the celebration of work and the simple life. Happy Thanksgiving!
10. In warm appreciation of our association during the past year, we (I) extend our very best wishes for a joyous Holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving.
11. It’s a pleasure to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and to thank you for the trust and confidence you have shown this past year. May you and yours enjoy a Thanksgiving full of many blessings.
12. The American tradition of Thanksgiving offers the opportunity to reflect on the grace, compassion and charity each of us has received. Happy Thanksgiving.
13. Wishing you an abundance of peace and plenty this Holiday Season and throughout the coming year. Happy Thanksgiving!
14. It has been our (my) pleasure to serve you this past year. Today more than ever, we are (I am) thankful for your business and friendship. Wishing you and your family Happy Thanksgiving.
15. No matter what’s on the menu . . . enjoy the Holiday. Happy Thanksgiving. (Great with cards 9, 13, 15, 17)
16. Something’s Up! The farmer just unfriended us on Facebook. Thinking of you and wishing you a stress-free Thanksgiving. (Great with cards 11 & 28)
17. May you enjoy a bountiful Thanksgiving Day and a joyous Holiday Season!

Fill out your selections below and submit your selections. Call 916-771-5600 to contact us if you have questions about the order process.

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Greeting Card of the month: Buy now to wish clients a Happy St. Patricks Day!

Don’t miss an opportunity to remind customers you care without the sales pitch – St. Patrick’s Day! 

Your clients will feel pretty LUCKY to get a real greeting card in the mail from you!

Purchase “Over the Rainbow” from our card catalog and mail it yourself.
Blank Card  –  $1.00
Verse Only  –  $1.25
Verse w/custom signature  –  $1.50


If you can’t get the cards done and the envelopes addressed on time, and just wish someone would . . . Maintain your Client List, Hand-sign, Seal, Stamp, and Send them for you!


Contact us at [email protected] or call 916-771-5600 for the personal touch. 

Over The Rainbow Card Design
Inside Verse:
We are over the rainbow with your business!
Thank you for making us feel
so lucky to have you as a client.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Custom Signature and your business information.
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Customized Corporate “Thank You” Cards Can Help Retain Clients

Two concepts that are increasingly gaining attention from businesses were discussed by American Printer, a resource for professionals interested in business trends, technical innovations, and strategies for raising productivity and profitability. These two concepts are LTV (Life Time Value) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Continue reading “Customized Corporate “Thank You” Cards Can Help Retain Clients”

Customized Thank You Cards Open the Door for Better Business Relationships

How powerful is a simple “Thank you”?

More powerful than you might have thought. A recent study by University of New South Wales in Australia psychology professor Lisa Williams, and Gonzaga University assistant psychology professor Monica Bartlett showed that expressing gratitude to someone could encourage that person to help you with your needs. When you are in business for yourself, setting yourself apart in a personal way usually opens the door for better business relationships.
As the authors say in their paper’s abstract: “In line with the proposed find function of gratitude expressions, recipients of expressions of gratitude were more likely to extend the effort to continue the relationship with the novel peer by providing that peer with a means to contact them.”
Continue reading “Customized Thank You Cards Open the Door for Better Business Relationships”

Custom Thank You Cards for your business – Vendor Appreciation

For most business owners, more customers means more revenue. This is why they make the effort to impress their customers even more through promos and special offers. Entrepreneurs should remember that they have another partner for success – the vendors and suppliers that keep their business running. Since there is no special day dedicated to Vendor Appreciation, you can let them know you care with a personalized card sent through the mail a few times a year. Client Retention Inc. can customize thank you cards for your business, and help you with other on-going programs to stay in touch with your favorite customers and suppliers. Michael Hess gives an insight on these unsung heroes—the suppliers:
Continue reading “Custom Thank You Cards for your business – Vendor Appreciation”

Personalized Greeting Cards for Customers: The Essentials

Even in this day and age of social media and e-cards, nothing can equal the warm fuzzies brought on by the sight of personalized greeting cards in the mailbox.

As such, the effort from business owners to send their customers a “Happy Holidays” card can go a long way. writer Drew Hendricks offers a few reminders on this gesture, including:
Continue reading “Personalized Greeting Cards for Customers: The Essentials”

It's always the right time to send Thank You for Your Business Cards

In the fast-paced world of business, people are usually pre-occupied by their tasks. As a result, they sometimes miss simple yet effective meaningful gestures that can actually help the company or their business as a whole. A personalized way of reaching out to clients, to say thank you for your business, is to send a fun or quirky greeting card. No sales message included other than your business card. Just a genuine message customized for your business personality.
Continue reading “It's always the right time to send Thank You for Your Business Cards”

A "Card on Demand" Service Just For Businesses

Our “Cards on Demand” Service Promises to Get You Noticed and Remembered!


25 Customized “Cards on Demand” Service for $72.00

(Includes stamps!)


What’s a “Card on Demand” service?

It is a simple and effortless service you don’t have to think about, because that’s the way we wanted it for you.  If you have 1 card you want mailed or 10 cards, we will mail your cards for you on an as-needed basis.

Here’s a scenario you will instantly recognize:

Do you have stacks of blank thank you cards in your desk or file cabinet waiting to be filled out, addressed and mailed?  That key task is essential for the customer experience and on-going customer connection. But let’s face it . . . it’s time consuming.  If you are like most, that job is at the top of your “to do list” and not getting done.

Here’s the Great News . . . We’re Going To Do That Job For You!

Wise Words
A Card on Demand Service?
Very Wise words!

No Contracts, No Inventory, No Points, No Hassle and No Time Constraints

Purchase a minimum of 25 of our personality-plus cards and we will complete the entire mailing process for you.  That means we will keep your inventory for you and mail your cards to your customers and contacts on an as-needed basis whenever you want us to.
Select a card from our brand new card catalog displaying approximately 200 personality-plus cards.  Contact us with your selection.  We’ll connect back with you for payment and get all the particulars on customizing your fabulous card(s) with your name, business name, telephone number, email address and website address.

Here’s a little bonus . . . we’ll hand sign your first name (using blue ink, of course!) in every card.


The Condensed Process:

1.  Select a card from our on-line catalog
2.  Contact us with your selection in the message field
3.  We’ll contact you back for payment and to get all the details on customizing your card.  Minimum of 25 cards required.
4.  Send us an email on an as-needed basis when you want a card(s) mailed.
5.  DONE!  You can now check that off your To Do List!

This is truly the easiest and most cost-effective way of getting that thank you note mailed!

Business Thank You Cards and What's Happened To Our Manners?

The #1 reason businesses lose their customers and clients is because they feel neglected and unappreciated.  As simple as it is, sending thank you cards are the best way to change that statistic.

Back in the day, it was customary (mandatory too, according to Mom!) and considered good manners to send a thank you card when you received a gift, even if you personally said thank you at the time you received it.  Going the extra mile of writing a thank you card and mailing it just seemed to solidify your appreciation and show off those impeccable manners.  And one more thing, don’t forget what a good feeling you had when you dropped that card in the mailbox!
Happy to say, nothing has changed, not even in the business world.  But somehow, some way, our manners have slipped . . . a lot.  Maybe we’re just a little too busy or maybe we just don’t see the value? Whatever the reason and there are many, we need to get back to basics.  Why?  Because that’s what our customers want.
Think about this, how do you feel when you receive thank you cards in the mail?  Remember that “feel good” feeling knowing someone cared enough to send you a card?  If you have never received a thank you card in the mail,  I guarantee it will undoubtedly capture your attention and make your day when you do receive one!

Check out our business thank you cards here.

Let’s turn that around where you send a thank you card to your customers. Imagine their reaction.  Another guarantee . . . a smile, a feeling of importance and excitedly pleased to be acknowledged.  This is how you start building customer loyalty.

Building customer loyalty is key to your reputation and your survival as a business. 

And yes, it can start with something as basic as sending thank you cards to your customers.   After all, your existing customers are your biggest cheerleaders, your sales force, your repeat customers, your referral source and your revenue builders, so why wouldn’t you treat them with gratitude and appreciation?
Think about what you stand to lose when a customer moves on.  Look for ways to keep a customer from jumping to the other side.
The Bottom Line:  Customer follow up  is mandatory.  How do you keep your customers and turn them into loyal customers?  By showing you care with a fun or light-hearted thank you cards 3-4 times a year!