Send Business Thanksgiving Greeting Cards for less than you think

10th Annual Thanksgiving Greeting Card Special

Now is the time to order business greeting cards to send to your clients and associates. By ordering now, you can save twenty percent off our regular price for greeting cards customized and mailed for you to arrive before the holiday.

20% savings until October 7, 2018

$1.75 per customized card, completely ‘done-for-you’ and mailed on your behalf. Of course your client list is kept completely confidential.

3 Simple Steps to order your customized business Thanksgiving Greeting Cards:

Choose a card #


Choose a verse #


Reply back to us with your selection


Once we receive your email reply, we’ll immediately contact you to get some details. All cards are hand-signed with commemorative stamp and mailed out on time!

Review Cards and Verses below, or if it is easier, you can download the pdf here.
Want to send your customers a holiday card, but the whole card preparation thing is just way too much work? Client Retention makes it simple – we hand-sign, seal, stamp and send your holiday greeting cards out on time on your behalf!

Go to our contact form if you are ready to make your selections now.

Thanksgiving Card Selection Choices:

business thanksgiving greeting cards - card 1
Card 1

business thanksgiving greeting cards - card 2
Card 2

business thanksgiving greeting cards - card 3
Card 3

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 4
Card 4

business thanksgiving greeting cards
Card 5

business thanksgiving greeting cards
Card 6

business thanksgiving greeting cards - card 7
Card 7

business thanksgiving greeting cards
Card 8

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 9
Card 9

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 10
Card 10

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 11
Card 11

business thanksgiving greeting cards
Card 12

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 13
Card 13

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 14
Card 14

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 15
Caption 15

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 16
Card 16

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 17
Card 17

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 18
Card 18

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 19
Card 19

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 20
Card 20

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 21
Card 21

business thanksgiving greeting cards - card 22
Card 22

 Choose a Verse for inside your card: - card 23
Card 23

 Choose a Verse for inside your card - Card 24
Card 24

 Choose a Verse for inside your card:
Card 25

business thanksgiving greeting cards - card 26
Card 26

business thanksgiving greeting cards - card 27
Card 27

business thanksgiving greeting cards card 28
Card 28

business thanksgiving greeting cards - Card 29
Card 29

business thanksgiving greeting cards - card 30
Card 30


Choose a Thanksgiving Verse for inside your card:

1. May your Thanksgiving be filled with joy . . . a wonderful beginning to a special Holiday Season. Happy Thanksgiving!
2.  We are so thankful for your support, your friendship, and most of all . . .YOU!  Happy Thanksgiving!
3.  May the Holiday Season fill your home with joy, your heart with love, and your life with laughter. Happy Thanksgiving!
4. Whatever Your Preference . . . may you have a bountiful Thanksgiving, a happy Holiday Season and a healthy, prosperous New Year.  (Great with card #5 & 21)
5. Because the good will of those we (I) serve is the foundation of our (my) success, it’s a real pleasure at this holiday time to say “THANK YOU” as we (I) wish you happiness and success in the coming year. Happy Thanksgiving.
6.  Wishing you the happiness of good friends, the joy of a happy family, and the wonder of the Holiday Season. Happy Thanksgiving.
7.  Our (My) sincere appreciation for your confidence and loyalty. We are (I am) deeply thankful and extend to you . . . Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season. Happy Thanksgiving.
8.  As we (I) give thanks on this special day, we (I) hope many more blessings are coming your way! Happy Thanksgiving!
9. Thanksgiving is the holiday of peace, the celebration of work and the simple life. Happy Thanksgiving!
10. In warm appreciation of our association during the past year, we (I) extend our very best wishes for a joyous Holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving.
11. It’s a pleasure to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and to thank you for the trust and confidence you have shown this past year. May you and yours enjoy a Thanksgiving full of many blessings.
12. The American tradition of Thanksgiving offers the opportunity to reflect on the grace, compassion and charity each of us has received. Happy Thanksgiving.
13. Wishing you an abundance of peace and plenty this Holiday Season and throughout the coming year. Happy Thanksgiving!
14. It has been our (my) pleasure to serve you this past year. Today more than ever, we are (I am) thankful for your business and friendship. Wishing you and your family Happy Thanksgiving.
15. No matter what’s on the menu . . . enjoy the Holiday. Happy Thanksgiving. (Great with cards 9, 13, 15, 17)
16. Something’s Up! The farmer just unfriended us on Facebook. Thinking of you and wishing you a stress-free Thanksgiving. (Great with cards 11 & 28)
17. May you enjoy a bountiful Thanksgiving Day and a joyous Holiday Season!

Fill out your selections below and submit your selections. Call 916-771-5600 to contact us if you have questions about the order process.

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Are you looking for client appreciation ideas?

How about a “Feel Good” Challenge?

You can make your clients feel good by sending a professional greeting card in the mail.

Yes, you read that right SNAIL MAIL. Get outside the box, get noticed and be remembered.
Send your clients a Thank You card!

August Card of the Month: Just My Type

These prices are for online orders. Your cards arrive with a brightly colored envelope.

Blank: $1.00/ea

Verse Only $1.25/ea

Verse w/custom contact info: $1.50

If you would like us to send the cards for you, contact us to discuss your needs. Our goal is to get your cards in the hands of your clients as if you sent them yourself.

Inside Verse Sample: We couldn’t to it without “U”! Radio Ads: $8000 Print Ads: $10,000 Local TV: $1000 Social Media: $1.00 per click “U” as our valued customer: Priceless! (Your contact info)

An unexpected Thank You card is something that your client will want to open when the mail arrives!

The brightly colored envelope will stand out from all the solicitations and bills. After they read the quirky message inside and see your personal signature, don’t be surprised if they pick up the phone to say thanks for the card. This small act of thoughtfulness can really build good will with your clients — remind your clients they are appreciated all year round, not just with an annual Holiday card — that is when everyone else sends cards. You want to stand out and stay in the front of your client so that you are the first person they think of when a need for your service comes around – or better yet, they will refer you to a colleague!

We have many quirky and professional designs to choose from for all sorts of occasions.

This is just one client appreciation idea, but when you send your clients a greeting card 3-4 times per year, you will build their loyalty. And, loyal, happy customers tend to refer you to other business owners they know, so sending client appreciation cards can add to your bottom line. Our Thank You Card programs are very affordable if you want us to do it for you, or you can order in batches of 25 cards like the Client Appreciation Card of the Month for August.

New Years Greeting Card of the Month

No time to send a New Years Card?

new years greeting cardPurchase “Sparkles” from our greeting card catalog and mail it yourself.

Blank Card  –  $1.00
Verse Only  –  $1.25
Verse w/custom signature  –  $1.50


If you can’t get the cards done and the envelopes addressed on time, and just wish someone would . . . Maintain your Client List, Hand-sign, Seal, Stamp,
and Send them for you! Your client list is kept completely confidential.

Contact us or call 916-771-5600 for a more personal way to stay in touch with your clients.
Following up, connecting and consistently keeping the communication going, are all the key components to building customer loyalty and RETAINING your customers “after the sale”.
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Need Christmas Cards Sent? We make it easy to stay in touch with your clients over the holidays.

Our price to send a card is a lot less than you would spend at a retail store — and we get them to the post office for you!

Stay in touch with your clients with a greeting card in the mail. Just wait till you hear the feedback — it builds your relationship with your customer on a more personal level.

It takes just 3 easy steps to get started:

  • Choose a card from our unique selection
  • Choose a verse that represents you
  • Contact us, and send your mailing list over

Our card mailing programs include:

  • Local postmark
  • Hand-signed (wet signature, with your permission of course)
  • We can insert a gift card at no extra charge
  • Arrives in a brightly colored envelope with a commemorative stamp — no automated mailing stamp

stay in touch with your clients
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Remember Your Clients this Thanksgiving!

Don’t forget to show your clients how much you appreciate their business. Thanksgiving time and a special greeting card is a memorable way to tell them!

With our Monthly Special you can remember your clients and make them feel special — at very little cost. Isn’t your client relationship worth a couple of dollars?

Check out this RETRO, HUMOROUS and UNIQUE greeting card of the Month

Order On-Line by October 20, 2017! You can order these cards with or without your customized business information. Either way, by the time you buy the stamp, you are all-in for around $2 per card. And, you don’t have to go card shopping!

remember your clients this thanksgiving

On-Line Orders receive this special pricing:

Blank – $1.00/ea.
Verse Only – $1.25/ea.
Verse w/custom contact info – $1.50/ea.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you know the value in retaining every customer.  Our unique and classy greeting cards are the key to providing that special connection needed to build a business relationship. If you don’t have the time or inclination to mail greeting cards yourself, Client Retention has greeting card programs where we do it for you – so all you have to do is pick one that suits you and we’ll make sure it gets mailed for you, on time, every time.
We look forward to helping you enhance your communications, strengthen your follow up, and build long-lasting relationships with your network.

Jodi Riolo & Sandie Marinoble

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Why do I need to follow up after the sale?

Customers need to be reminded that you appreciate their business…or they may get swept up by the competition!

Research shows that a 10% increase in customer retention levels result in a 30% increase in the value of a company. — Bain & Co.

simple steps to follow up after the sale
Client Retention is here to make following up with your customers easy!

After your cards arrive, some customers may even call to say how nice it was to hear from you! If you want to build genuine relationships, sending a card in the mail is a very cost effective way to reach out to customers, colleagues, employees and networking connections.
You can reach Sandie or Jodi here to get started.
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Real Estate Agent Follow-Up Program

73% of all home buyers say they would use their agent again or recommend them to a friend.*

Card real estate fish FBHome buyers are still looking for a personal touch, and sending a unique or quirky card a few times a year is a great way to stay top of mind.

  • Our cards stand out in the mail with their brightly colored envelopes
  • Our cards are personalized with your information, and you can mix and match cards and greetings to express your personality
  • You give us your contact list with your card choices and we do all the work

Stay connected to your buyers and sellers after escrow closes. This program is a series of seven (7) cards. The first card is sent immediately after the closing and the six (6) remaining cards are mailed every six months over a period of three years. Remember, your past clients will always remember how you made them feel, so show them some attention!

7 cards over a period of 3 years . . . . . . . . . . $ 45.00/per client. And, we do all the work for you, so you look like the hero!

The cards consist of:

• Initial Thank You Card
• 1, 2 and 3 year Home Anniversary Cards (Buyer)
• Keep in Touch Cards
• Cards that gently ask for referrals

The true benefit of this follow up program is that the agent does not have to manage or maintain this program. We do it for you (on your behalf), remaining completely invisible throughout the process. We do the work, you receive the credit!
*You can read more real estate statistics here that will help you market your listings.

“Working with Jodi Riolo and Client Retention has truly been remarkable. My name is Michelle Houston and I am a real estate agent for Remax Gold. Over the years it has always been challenging to keep in touch with my clients. I was inconsistent with my marketing until I met Jodi. Not only her great professionalism about the product, Jodi’s personal service is above and beyond, customizing a plan that works great for myself and clientele. Working with Client Retention takes away the worry about consistent contact, saves me time and finally my clients love the product. I would highly recommend working with Jodi Riolo and Client Retention. It is a wonderful experience.”
Michelle Houston – Remax Gold, Auburn, California
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August Card of the Month: Say Thank You to your clients

Purchase customized greeting cards and thank your clients in a special way.

In CrowdThis card is on sale during the month of August. You can purchase in batches as small as 25 cards, and you can have your business information printed inside. A fun way to show customers they are appreciated!

25 cards customized for your business for less than $2 each.

This is one of the most efficient ways to market your business – and customers who feel recognized and appreciated will bring you more business.

Need other Thank You Card Ideas?

You can see our entire selection of Thank You cards here.
Contact us if you would like to learn more about our full service greeting card programs.
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Do you want better customer reviews?

Send them a customized Thank You card after the sale.

better customer reviewsAs your customer base grows, their lifetime value to your business increases, so it is important to say Thank You to continue standing out in their mind. Customer retention gives a better return on investment (ROI) and is cheaper compared to finding more new clients. When your customers have a good perception of your services, they are much more likely to give you a positive review.

Stay top of mind with your customers by sending a greeting card that says Thank You in a unique way. Since many of us experience “digital overload”, sending a card through the mail really gets noticed. By staying in touch in such a personal way, you can build a positive reputation with more customer reviews along with repeat business and more referrals.

You can purchase 25 cards with your choice of image and verse, and send them yourself. See our selection here.

If you ask, most of the time a happy client is glad to give you a review.

Or, you can send us your list, and we will take care of the mailing for you. Our recommended is your top 50 customers

Learn more here about our Thank You Card mailing programs.

You can read some of our customer reviews here.

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Customized Corporate “Thank You” Cards Can Help Retain Clients

Two concepts that are increasingly gaining attention from businesses were discussed by American Printer, a resource for professionals interested in business trends, technical innovations, and strategies for raising productivity and profitability. These two concepts are LTV (Life Time Value) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Continue reading “Customized Corporate “Thank You” Cards Can Help Retain Clients”