Send Business Christmas Cards the easy way.

Client Retention can send your Business Christmas Cards and save you time. Our price includes everything!

1) Prepare your contact list (to be kept completely confidential) and send to us

We recommend sending to at least 50 of your favorite customers. #custloyalty #holidaycards

2) We will send you a selection of cards and greetings to choose from

You are sure to find something in our unique collection! We will send you a selection  of cards and verses so you can choose from one suits your business personality

3) Review your proof of your greeting card and check this project off your list!

We send you a pdf to make sure we got it the way you want it!
#holidaycards #custloyalty #holidaycards #custloyalty #clientretentioninc

When a relationship matters, send a card.

Client Retention understands the high value of customer service and building relationships for long-term business growth.
You can contact Sandie or Jodi here to get started.
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