Turn The Beat Around: Music In The Workplace

music in the workplaceEver notice all the music around you?
It’s played in grocery stores, restaurants, elevators, doctors’ offices, nail salons, car dealerships, gas stations (yes, while you are pumping gas), business offices and even the parking lots!
Is music in the workplace appropriate? You bet it is.
Does music boost employee morale? Yes to that one too.
Music plays a positive role in most of our lives personally and professionally.
Music acts as an important component in building a customer service culture in the workplace. Continue reading “Turn The Beat Around: Music In The Workplace”

Rules In The Workplace – Client Retention talks Music

music in the workplaceIf you choose to have music in your place of business, set some rules in the workplace:

  • If employees are seated in an open area, no music at their desks. This is about as popular as gum snapping.
  • Music in the office needs to come from a single source with the speaker(s) set on low volume.
  • Music needs to be appropriate for the type of business you work in.
  • If employees or customers are complaining about the music in any way, listen to them. Continue reading “Rules In The Workplace – Client Retention talks Music”