Snail-mail Greeting Cards are a very effective way to Retain Clients

Marketing and advertising are essential to getting clients. After acquiring clients, you work hard to provide quality products and give excellent service.

But after everything is said and done, what do you do to keep them coming back? There is a highly effective way to maintain loyalty and retain clients: send them an actual envelope-sealed greeting card.

Retain clients: The Importance of Greeting CardsQuality of service is a very important factor in making sure your existing customers continue to purchase your products and services. If appropriate for your industry, running promotions and offering discounts can also be used to increase repeat business.

Some companies use the internet as a way of sending Christmas greetings, seasonal messages and birthday wishes. They advocate a green policy and may even communicate to their customers that money saved on stationery and postage has been sent to charity.

The truth is, many of us still like to receive cards in the mail, display them for a time and enjoy the attractive display. They’re popular, and also the fact that our service providers have thought enough of us to go to the trouble of sending a card. Often these cards serve to remind us to renew contact with a supplier.

Why is sending personalized business greeting cards important?
Building Goodwill
This is a nice way to let your clients feel that they are appreciated. Every client is important, and by sending them greeting cards, they will surely know that they are. When clients feel acknowledged and valued, the chances are higher that they will do another transaction with you.
Deepening Connection
Sending greeting cards for a birthday or other occasions shows that you are kind enough to remember and make an effort for a special moment in your client’s life. Even a card that expresses your sympathies for a negative event, such as a funeral, can go a long way in strengthening your ties with a customer and your client retention efforts.
Expanding Network
It goes both ways. You remember them, and they remember you. They may even mention you when they talk to their friends or other clients. The best thing about that is if they have numerous connections, it means you have a larger number of prospective clients as well.
Sending business cards leaves a good impact on your clients. You can even make it better by adding a handwritten message or sending beautifully customized greeting cards from businesses like CLIENT RETENTION. All you have to do is partner up with a committed supplier to extend those wonderful gestures to your valued clients.
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