It's always the right time to send Thank You for Your Business Cards

In the fast-paced world of business, people are usually pre-occupied by their tasks. As a result, they sometimes miss simple yet effective meaningful gestures that can actually help the company or their business as a whole. A personalized way of reaching out to clients, to say thank you for your business, is to send a fun or quirky greeting card. No sales message included other than your business card. Just a genuine message customized for your business personality.

Power of Saying Thank YouAnother such gesture is the simple act of saying thank you. Believe it or not, saying these powerful two words can bring great benefits to your business.

Today, extending old-time courtesies helps you stand out. Yes, boys and girls, saying “thank you” has become a competitive advantage. So few people express appreciation — a Lenox etiquette poll found that nearly five out of every 10 people don’t always say thanks — that remembering to do so is a sales point of difference. It also goes a long way toward forging the relationships that can turn into opportunities.

How should you do it?
Sending an e-mail or note is all well and good, but a more effective way is to mail them personalized corporate thank you cards. This nice little surprise will not only put a smile on your clients’ faces, it will strengthen your links to them as well.
When you send one, be sure to check if the clients’ names are spelled correctly. Don’t make them feel awkward (or worse, offend them) just because you weren’t able to spell their names right.
Sincere thank you’s on your business cards don’t have to be full of images and different colors all the time. They should be pleasing to the eyes, but not to the point that they end up over-decorated. If you want a more personal touch, companies like CLIENT RETENTION. can provide exactly what you need.
Keep in mind, however, that the content is what matters most and not the appearance. The message doesn’t have to be long. It should be short, simple, and absolutely sincere. Never let your clients feel that you sent a card purely for business purposes. If you’re the head of the company, it’s important that you sign the cards personally.
When should you send them?
You can send them right away after a single transaction or after a contract has ended successfully. You can also send them for the holidays when you can send greetings and thank you cards to all your clients at the same time. It all comes down to when you want to do it, but be sure to make them feel appreciated whenever it may be.
Remember that sending cards is an effective way of expressing your gratitude. To that end, businesses like CLIENT RETENTION stand ready to help you convey that… and keep them coming back.
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