Christmas Business Greeting Card Early-Bird Pricing

Offer Good until November 12, 2018

10th Annual Christmas Business Greeting Card Special

Pick-a-Card . . . Pick-a-Verse
— Check out our large selection here —
Professional business holiday messages — send a traditional or quirky Christmas Card to your clients! We make it easy with our completely ‘done-for-you’ program. Your cards are hand-signed and mailed on time on your behalf. Your customers will feel appreciated that you are building good-will without a sales pitch every time you contact them.
$1.75 per customized card!
For less than $2 per client you can send a greeting that builds good will with the people who are a part of your continued business success. Of course your client list is kept completely confidential.

All cards are hand-signed with commemorative stamp, and mailed out on time!

3 Simple Steps to order your Christmas Business Greeting Cards

Step 1. Choose a Card #

Step 2. Choose a Verse #

Step 3. REPLY BACK with your selection

Once we receive your email reply, we’ll immediately contact you to get the  details we need to complete your order.
christmas business greeting

Check out our Christmas Business Greeting Card Selection

You will need to provide your own mailing list which we will ONLY use for your mailing. Your information will be held completely confidential – we will not sell to your customers. In fact, our greeting cards do not advertise our business, we want them to look as if they came directly from you. Our business goal is to help you retain your valuable customers, and we in-turn want to keep you as a customer so we would never jeopardize a client relationship by selling your information.

christmas business greeting cards
We look forward to helping you enhance your communications, strengthen your follow up, and build long-lasting relationships with your network.
Jodi Riolo & Sandie Marinoble
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Get your Business Christmas Cards mailed for you this year!

Client retention saves you the stress of getting your Client Christmas Cards in the mail.

After three simple steps, your part is done and you can get back to business at hand.

There is still time to order business Christmas Cards and have them mailed directly to your clients and employees.
1. Pick a card from our unique selection
2. Choose a verse that most suits your taste
2. Take a few minutes to review and export your mailing list
Contact us with your order and information and we will get you a proof to review. After that, your part is done!
Order by November 17, and we can take care of everything to get your Business Christmas Cards in the mail.
Your cards will arrive and look as if they came directly from you – we do not use your company logo on the cards, or try to sell to your clients. We will ALWAYS keep your data safe and confidential. Hear what our customers have to say about our professional services…

Do you have a positive reaction when you receive a personal card or note from someone in the mail?

Who doesn’t?

Most people still check their physical mailbox every day, especially for their business. When you mail a greeting card to a customer you can be almost certain they received it. Who wouldn’t immediately be attracted to pickup a brightly colored envelope and be pleased to discover it has a real stamp, not a bulk mailing stamp.
People feel special when they receive a personal greeting. They will remember how you made them feel appreciated. Sending a card in the spirit of the season demonstrates that you value them.
Sending a Christmas Card lets people know that you value them enough to spend the time collecting their address and spend the postage for sending them a Christmas card in the mail.
It is always a nice surprise to see something in the mailbox that is not a bill or asking you for something.
Tip: If you feel it is appropriate, you can insert a small gift card, but we recommend you do NOT sell to people with your Christmas card. Even the most tasteful offer is still a sales pitch, and your recipient will appreciate and respect you most if you keep the message simple, and about them.
Send a holiday card to your customers, clients, prospects, vendors, referral sources, and your entire sphere of influence. Or better yet, let us take care of your Christmas mailing for you!

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