Custom Business Thank You Cards – mailed for you!

custom business thank you cards

Mailing Custom Business Thank You Cards

In the midst of all the internet marketing tasks done today, mailing custom business thank you cards (yes, this means using USPS) has the greater impact and is a positive attention getter for any business.
After all, who doesn’t like to feel appreciated? Don’t let that feeling be assumed by your clients and customers. Show your gratitude by being bolder than anyone else. This could certainly be the positive advantage you have over your competition as well.
Think about this . . .
custom business thank you cardsSending a thank you email to your existing clients and customers is OK,  but why not be amazingly great and recognized for acknowledging them with a real tangible Thank You card they receive in the mail?
Here is where Client Retention excels!  We offer custom business thank you cards that are unique, yet remarkably personal.
Unique, because we can turn a card with a cover of an old green truck, or a colorful sky scape full of hot air balloons, a bird sitting on a mailbox, or a cluster of puzzle pieces into an unforgettable thank you card.  One that sits on their desk, mounted on the fridge or in some cases, inserted in a picture frame. Yes, they are that memorable and unique.
Personal, because we customize the inside greeting to say whatever you want. It’s your card and your message.  Here’s the best part.  You don’t need to agonize over your custom greeting, we will help you with the wording or do it completely for you. If that’s not enough, we print your name, business name, telephone number, email address and website in each card.
Got your curiosity peaked?  Take a moment and look at our card catalog to visually see what we’re talking about and discover the real difference in our custom business thank you cards.  You will also find sample messages on most cards to see how the front of the card ties into the message inside.  It’s all tremendously clever.
That’s not all . . . 

  • We sign your name with blue ink
  • We insert your business card
  • We put your unique and personal card in a COLORED envelope
  • We then seal, stamp and put them in the mailbox for you!

Before we move on, let us clarify the “stamp” part. We use only USPS commemorative stamps – no postage machines or bulk mailing. We also want to point out that we do not stick address labels of any kind on the colored envelopes.  How personal is that?!
Client Retention will work your complete custom business thank you card mailings for you or you can also purchase our amazing cards on-line and mail yourself.  Whatever your preference, we’re here to support you!

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