Follow Up Cards

follow up cards

Use Our Follow up Cards to Maximize the Customer Experience

We make it easy!
1) Customize your image and greeting 2) Provide us with your customer list  3) We sign, we stamp, we insert and we mail

After your sale, thank your customers and continue to show your appreciation by using our business greeting card service for maximized exposure.  Loyal customers purchase 68% more than anyone else and they are your best marketers.  Keep them close at hand and take care of them by mailing a business greeting card of appreciation.  This way, along with your great customer service, they will also receive first hand the ultimate in the complete customer experience. 
CR_ShopNow_ButtonBlueWithout loyal and repeat customers, you risk losing business. Stay top of mind with a thoughtful birthday, thank you or follow up cards sent to your customers regularly. A smart prospect and customer follow up plan takes little effort, but can increase customer loyalty tremendously.
To increase repeat business and increase referrals, your customers need to remember you! The best way to achieve this is to keep in touch with your customers after the sale.  Our business greeting card service and programs are MAILED to your customers on a consistent basis, usually every 1-3 months.
Check out our greeting card catalog for a variety of personality-plus cards that are sure to get you noticed, remembered and connected to your clients and customers.

Custom follow up strategy for small businessUse a custom business greeting card program for:

Do these questions sound familiar?

  1. Custom Retention Plans and Customer Follow UpWhy do I need a follow up plan?
  2. How do I start putting a follow up plan together?
  3. What is the effort on my end?
  4. I have enough work to do, how much time is this going to take?
  5. The Big One… how much will this cost?

If so you are not alone! Many business owners and entrepreneurs have the exact same questions. We are here to make the customer retention and follow up process easy by:

  • Working with you to develop a custom greeting card follow up plan
  • Tailoring your follow up plan to fit your needs and budget
  • Implementing your follow up plan for you!

Remember your customers and they will remember you!

We are at your disposal and here to support you with a proven effective follow up plan. Contact us to find out more about creating a custom follow up plan for your business.

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